The 2018 Conference Season is imminent, and in classic style I have packed it full with SciPy and EuroPython on the horizon. Throughout the last year I’ve seen the needs of the Python community change, and as such I have had to create all new material to cater to the changing landscape of High Performance Computing and Machine Learning. Last year’s material is ironically already getting dated-that’s how fast the landscape changes in the Python world.

This year also marks the first time I’ll be expected to show up at a few conferences, so balancing the presentation work while simultaneously keeping up my software development work will be an interesting challenge. I have a few ideas for projects in the space, but of course finding extra cycles in the middle of a busy year always proves to be interesting.

From now until late August will be the crux of the conference season, so stay tuned for all the updates coming to my works/presentation page!